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Homeowners Tips

  1. Change filters every month.
  2. In the summer, keep south and west facing blinds and curtains closed to keep the heat gain from the sun at a minimum. This helps keep the unit from running as much as it would if the blinds or curtains were open.
  3. Keep storm windows on in the summer and winter. Windows are a large area of air leakage. They let cold air in during the winter season and cool air out in the summer. They are a large source of drafts in the house. When possible, replace single pane windows with double pane or better.
  4. It is always a good idea to add insulation to your house.
  5. The attic access in your house is normally one of the worst places to either gain heat in the summer or lose heat in the winter. A product called an “Attic Tent” seals the leaks and more than pays for itself.
  6. Adding humidity to your home in the winter allows you to feel warmer at a lower thermostat setting thus saving money on operating costs.
  7. Close foundation vents in the summer and winter. In the summer this helps keep the humidity down and lowers the chance of mold growth. In the winter this keeps cold air from circulating under the floor, making the floor cold and the furnace run better.
  8. Have a programmable thermostat installed. This helps keep the house at a more even temperature and also helps save power.
  9. Have spring and fall maintenance preformed on your HVAC system. This helps make the unit operate more efficiently and last longer.